Why Am I Always Farting? The #1 Cause of Chronic Farting Exposed!


Do you always suffer from gas & bloating? Do you often wonder “why am I always farting”? If so then today you will find out about the #1 cause of chronic farting and gas. As well I’ll explain 2 other great all natural tips you can start today to significantly reduce your flatulence for good!


Two Highly Important Steps to Eliminating Farting!


Chew Everything! All food that enters your mouth must be chewed until it’s a soft paste-like consistency. What this does is ensure that your mouth has released enough initial enzymes to begin breaking down the food. Yes that’s right your digestion starts in the mouth and if you want to experience proper digestion and no more gas you’re going to have to learn how to chew!


Keep the Bowels Moving! A congested colon is a flatulent colon. You see with blockages in the bowels you will experience less bowel movements in addition to food which is stuck and putrefying or fermenting inside of you. This will only create significant gas and as a result constant gas creation and farting as a result. So get those bowels moving, do a thorough bowel cleanse, take bowel herbs if needed, just get it moving!


The #1 Cause of Chronic Farting & Gas

Inside all of us resides a yeast known as candida albicans. In some people this yeast is kept within certain levels in the body and as a result no problem are caused by it. However in some people they will experience various health problems, most notably digestive problems such as gas & flatulence as a result if this yeast overgrows.


It’s estimated as much as 90% of those who suffer with chronic health problems have a candida problem as well! Candida is always directly or in-directly related to health problems, especially those of the digestive system. Probiotics which can help reduce gas & bloating also directly destroy candida but it’s not enough, as until you’ve 100% eliminated your overgrowth you will be plagued with constant symptoms!

Source by Ryan Shea