What Problems Can Be Caused by Receding Gums?


It is a bit of a surprise to find that many people do not even know what having receding gums means, but then again, it is not really the kind of problem that causes people to tremble in fear or dread going to the dentist. Still, they can cause many annoyances that affect your daily life, or even all-out problems that must be corrected by a dentist, if they are allowed to persist. Here are some of the problems that can be caused, if the condition is not properly treated.

One of the more common problems caused would be an increased sensitivity in your teeth. You may find that your teeth are much more sensitive to hot and cold than before, or even that they are more sensitive to different tastes, such as spicier foods or sweet drinks and treats. This is actually easily explained by the condition, as the recession of the gums allows the roots of the teeth to be exposed. Still, that doesn’t make this particular problem any less annoying!

There may be some problems in appearance that are also caused, too. One possible sign is that your teeth may appear slightly longer than normal, since the gums are covering a smaller portion of them than before. This is a pretty slight difference though, and may go unnoticed for some time. A change in the color of teeth may become noticeable, as well, and sometimes you will see a subtle increase in the spaces between your teeth, too.

Receding gums are particularly dangerous because of the subsequent oral hygiene problems that can be caused by them. For instance, your gums themselves can become irritated through this condition, as they eventually will be puffy, red, or inflamed. You may notice a lot more problems with your gums bleeding, especially when you brush your teeth, and you can have worsened breath (sometimes much worsened).

Furthermore, cavities are a bigger danger below the gum line when you have receding gums, as those areas are not protected by your gums in the way that they should be. You may not even notice that you have them, but you may develop cavities that you otherwise never would have, simply because of the decreased amount of coverage.

As you can tell, there are a lot of issues as well as serious problems that can be caused by receding gums. It is something that you may not have worried about before (or even thought about), but should keep in mind when it comes to healthy habits and good oral hygiene. Although there are ways to treat them, you still should know that prevention is the best medicine, and practicing healthy brushing habits, staying away from habits such as grinding your teeth or chewing tobacco, and taking other preventative measures is the best way to ensure the health of your gums.

Source by Adam Gaines