What is Sinus Pressure? – Nurse’s Sinus Problem Guide


If you’re suffering from sinus symptoms like sinus pressure or pressure and pain you may be wondering what’s causing it. You may be suffering from facial or cheek pain (or other possible sinus symptoms) and wonder if it’s related to your sinuses or whether it’s a sinus problem. In any case, sinus pressure is caused by inflamed, infected or blocked sinus cavities or pressure can occur if your sinus cavities become filled with mucus.

This resulting pressure in the sinus cavities can cause a feeling of tightness, pressure, pain and a blocked up or congested feeling, especially in the nasal passages, cheek, forehead or jaw. This pressure can also be felt in the teeth often making people think they have a toothache and head to the dentist.

The sinuses are important because the mucus in the cavities cleans and moistens the nasal passages and throat. You may once in awhile actually feel this mucus going down the back of your throat.

You have four sets of sinus cavities. Each set has openings into the nose to allow the mucus to drain and to get an exchange of air. When the cavities get inflamed and the openings (Ostia) narrow then the mucus is blocked and can’t get through into the nasal passages. When this blockage of the drainage occurs we may feel sinus pressure. This pressure can also be felt if a vacuum occurs which causes negative pressure and this will also cause a feeling of pressure and pain.

Sinus pressure is usually one of the symptoms of sinusitis, which includes sinus infections. This pressure and pain may leave a tight feeling.

This tightness can be felt behind the eyes, in the forehead or even the top of the head, in the jaw, cheeks and even in the ears. You can feel a pounding sometimes in your head, often referred to as a sinus headache or even in your face.

And you may think you have a toothache as mentioned or other type of dental pain.

Your sinus cavities must be kept clear of anything that may cause them to become blocked. Allergies, smoke, perfume fumes, dust mite droppings, chemical fumes, dust, animal dander, animal hair, animal fur, mold, pollen, etc. can all irritate and inflame the sinuses causing them to swell and block the openings.

Now besides blocked mucus (a quart must move through every day) drainage, air also gets trapped. You may feel very uncomfortable. The sinus pressure will be more severe and you may feel more pain. Many people refer to this feeling as a sinus attack.

You can cure or get rid of sinus pressure and sinus problems including sinusitis, sinus infections etc. with natural home treatment, by yourself. Antibiotics are generally not used since most sinus infections are caused by mold. Medications can just make things worse. There are many home treatments that you can do that will cure your sinus pressure right away.

Source by Helen Hecker