What is a Gum Graft?


If you have discovered that you have receding gums, then there are a number of methods you will be able to turn to. One of those methods is known as gum graft. Today, it seems as if the gum graft has gained a lot f popularity. What is a gum graft? Well, it is a dental procedure that can be done in order to replace those receding gums. That’s right, when you get it done, there will no longer be any receding gums. How does that sound to you? If you would like more information on it, then continue reading this article.

What causes recession of gums? Well, there are a number of things that can cause this problem. When you brush your teeth more than needed, this can cause recession of gums. Some other factors that could cause gum recession include periodontal disease.

What exactly do gum grafts do? Gum graft will be using either hard or soft tissue, depending on the located in order to restore that gum line. We must add that recovering from gum grafts can be a bit on the painful side. You will need to allow some time for the gum to heal.

You may have also heard of gum grafts as gingival as this is the dental terminology that is used. Gingival mucosa will be flexible, yet soft tissue. Keratinized gingival will be made out of harder material as it has been designed to protect the roots. Whenever the gums start to recede, the soft tissue is generally the one that disappears first.

If you catch this early, you will be able to get this process done with the soft tissues. The soft tissue graft is going to restore the gum line. If the dentist finds that the gums have deeply receded, then you may need to have a connective tissue graft done. Connective tissue grafts will be using firmer gingival, which will be protecting those fragile areas of your teeth.

Source by Scott Wells