What Can Be Done About Gum Recession and Tooth Wear


The recession of gums and wearing away of teeth occurs commonly in adults.
It is important: –

1. To identify the cause of the problem.

2. To give preventive advice so that the problem does not get worse.

3. To provide appropriate restorative treatment where necessary.

What Causes of gum recession / tooth wear?

Use of a hard toothbrush.
1. Inappropriate brushing technique.
2. Frequent use of abrasive toothpastes.
3. Diet related and other more complex reasons eg high acidic
4. drinks and bulimia.
5. Grinding and clenching of teeth causes tooth to tooth contact and 5.wear of tooth surface.

Problems with gum recession / tooth wear:

1. Sensitivity of teeth where worn or receded.
2. Possible decay of the affected areas.
3. Darker, discoloured and worn appearance of the tooth.
4. Plaque and food collection.

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Restoring worn teeth or 'abrasion' cavities:

Modern tooth coloured materials and the latest bonding techniques allow dentists to restore the amount of tooth lost, thus preventing further damage.
In most cases no injection or drilling is necessary.
Restoring the teeth will protect the tooth surface, stop sensitivity and improve aesthetics. If a lot of tooth surface is lost a Dental Veneer, Crown or On lay may be necessary to restore the tooth. Is worth seeing it a a cosmetic by dentist the if the aesthetics are On important 's to you.

Preventive advice:

1. Use of a medium / soft toothbrush.
2. Correct your brushing technique.
3. Placing toothbrush under hot water for a few seconds (to soften the bristles).
4. Regular dental checks and hygiene visits.

Source by Rishabh Kumar Mahawar