TV Weight Loss Club Offers Balanced Diet And Fitness Approach


It used to be that being called a loser was derogatory and hurtful. NBC has changed that, making it almost a badge of honor to be called a loser. And the Biggest Loser, that's the ticket. NBC's weight loss challenge show, The Biggest Loser, has turned Tuesday nights into must-see TV. Having just completed its fourth season, and the launch of the Biggest Loser Club, everyone wants in on the weight loss action.

Each week, more than 15 million viewers tune to NBC to watch the three Biggest Loser teams battle it out on the scale. Each team is lead by a coach who teaches them about fitness, nutrition and diet helping them shed unbelievable amounts of weight. While they each walk away with the prize of thinner, healthy bodies and new lifestyle, the one crowned Biggest Loser wins a quarter-million dollar prize. The Biggest Loser is the one who loses the greatest percentage of body fat.

Like many great TV programs, this one had a spin off. The Biggest Loser Club was NBC's answer to the overwhelming demand for participation on the show and access to the coaches' expertise. For just $ 20 / month, far more affordable than a trainer or gym membership, you can get your pass to the Club. Your access to this fitness program will give you:

– Opportunity to talk with the show's nutrition gurus and contestants

– Talk to other "losers" on the message and discussion boards

– Receive personalized fitness instruction, which will allow you to exercise at home

– Track progress with a personal online journal

– Have meal plans created just for you, with accompanying shopping lists and recipes

Thousands of pounds have been lost by the Biggest Loser contestants, and now its your turn to step up and make that change for the better. New Years is just around the corner, and there's never a better time to wipe the slate clean and decide that this is the year for serious changes.

While this season just finished and it will be a few months before the next installation starts again, you can start being a loser today. Signing up is simple, and if you still have reservation, get the free diet profile. This will help you identify what the Biggest Loser Club is going to do for you.

Biggest Loser is a low-fat and low-carb diet, but do not think you're going to starve off all that weight. You'll learn how to strike a balance with portion control, three meals a day, some light healthy snacking and exercise. You'll enjoy plenty of delicious meals like blueberry pancakes, New Orleans chicken and stuffed mushrooms. So what's holding you back? Decide today that you want to be a loser and join the club that sees being a loser as the first step to a healthier life.

Source by Jim Mackey