Turning to Golf to Reduce Stress and Improve Your Health


For years men and women all over the world have turned to golf as a means to escape the stresses of daily life. Golf allows people of all ages to go do something they enjoy in quite outdoor settings. Since golf is not unlike any other type of sports it has become a very attractive to a wide segment of the population. Golf is not just a game of who has a better swing and can drive the ball further but it also is a game of the mind.

You have to know what club to use, how hard to hit the ball, and what direction you need to hit the ball to get it to the hole. Most courses are built to include obstacles such as sand traps, water hazards and trees to challenge player’s skills. Of course improving your golf swing over the long run will greatly help you to reduce your handicap, but golf isn’t always about the score it’s about having fun.

The game of golf can be very therapeutic in both the physical sense as well as the mental sense. Physically golf can help with your hand-eye coordination. This comes into play when the biomechanics of the golf swing are perfected. Also by walking the course you are able to use muscles that you normally wouldn’t use working in places such as an office. The best part of this is you are exercising without really thinking about it. From the mental aspect you will find that after a day of playing golf you will find that you are able to get to sleep easier and sleep longer which helps you to be able to focus on other things throughout your day.

There also is the social aspect of playing golf. Where nowadays the work environment has more individual work being done, it isolates people from the social interactions that are beneficial to mental health. By going out to play golf on a regular basis it help people to talk and joke around in between holes. Of course, Golf also gives good opportunities to meet new people and make new friends.

Source by Jim McGill