Three Minute Fitness Hype


If it really only took a three minute sweat session a day on the latest exercise machine, magic creme, or model in a bottle pills, we would be a nation of buff bods instead of one filled with people always searching for an instant pound shedding solution . Here’s a few things I’ve learned that did not come from a late night infomercial, or from any health profession credibility on my part, but from my own experiences about exercise and nutrition:

1. Eat real fruits and veggies rather than drinking them. There is no substitution for providing your body with food that you chew and swallow so your body can reap the rewards of natural vitamins coursing through your inner highways. If you enjoy salads three or four times a week, fruit with every meal, moderate amounts of protein, and healthy carbs, even rice, potatoes, pasta, bagels, and focus on moderation rather than deprivation you will keep your system energized and fully functioning .

2. Choose multiple forms of exercise that you can get excited about. Make them as strenuous as you can stand. This keeps your heart strong, your cholesterol and blood pressure levels in check, and your stress under control. If you’re having a less than resourceful day, try taking a break and getting physical. It changes your outlook and helps you regroup. I like to work out every other day very intensely and have a day in between to rest my muscles. It also provides me with a regular schedule so my exercise routine is on my calendar along with all my other appointments so there’s no excuses for putting it off and after almost nine months now it is mentally and physically ingrained into my life.

3. Accomplish your 30 – 60 workout five minutes at a time. This may seem like one of those quirky Little techniques that you hear about and think, yeah right. That’s just too simple. But it really works. If you’re having challenges making it through a whole half hour, try congratulating yourself for each five minute block you conquer. You’ll be surprised at how fast the time flies by, five minutes at a time!

4. We think of exercise being so great for our bodies but it also keeps our minds sharp and functioning at optimal levels. Working out takes a combination of physical and mental strength and it gives benefits back to your whole body. Getting your body moving takes discipline and desire. Once you fall into a consistent routine you’ll find that it gives you body and mind control which is a very powerful source to draw upon in challenging times, which we all face at one time or another.

5. Sleep is what makes everything possible. Sometimes we do not realize the detrimental effects from a lack of sleep until our health sufferers. Our minds and bodies need to shut down for approximately seven to nine hours a night. We put our bodies through a tremendous amount. Be kind to the vehicle that takes you where you need to go every day and give it the rest and cell rejuvenation it needs.

I hope this real life non-televised advice helps those of you who are trying to find the best formula to achieve your individual level of fitness!


Source by Jennifer Darden