Thinner Thighs Tips and Tricks


Have you ever wished you could have thinner thighs? If so, you might not be surprised to learn, you are not alone. Most women, if asked, will say their thighs are a part of their body they wish they could change! Given this information one must wonder why all exercises and weight loss products don’t target this key area! If you’re curious how to target this key area and how to get skinny thighs then you’ve come to the right place!

The great thing about targeting your thighs in any diet or exercise program is this part of the body has one of the largest muscle groups. Doing exercises focusing on the large muscle group in the thigh will not only help you to tone your thighs, but will also help you to burn lots of extra calories when you’re not working out. The reason being, the thighs are one of the larger muscle groups and the more muscle one has, the more calories one tends to burn naturally. This means you will burn more calories all day long, throughout your entire body, even when you’re not working out! Unlike targeting your stomach muscles, which only hit the relatively small group of abdominal muscles, doing a targeted leg and thigh work out will enable you to burn more calories than if you were to focus on the small group of abdominal muscles. In order to build a great, targeted, thigh workout regimen, you must include squats, lunges, jumping jacks and leg extensions.

Squats can be done either with or without weights. This is a great exercise you can do anywhere at just about any time. To do a set of squats you simply stand up straight and then bend your knees, lowering your butt down until your thigh is just about straight and then stand back up. One thing I’ve done in my daily routine is add in a few sets of squats throughout the day. While I’m in the office I make sure to do at least one set of ten squats every time I fill up my coffee or water cup. It only takes a minute or two per set, but you can really see, and feel, the difference after only a couple days!

Lunges are another great exercise to do without any need for weights. To do a set of lunges you simply stand straight then take one foot and step forward. With that foot ahead you keep bending your knee until your back knee is nearly to the ground (but don’t let it touch!), then, go back to standing straight. Repeat with the other foot going forward and that is one full lunge. Doing a few sets of ten lunges per day will really show you how to get slimmer thighs quickly. This exercise is also going to burn calories and help you lose fat better than most other exercises!

Of course, you can do jumping jacks without weights, but I’ve found I don’t like doing them anywhere that is at all public as you can look quite silly. Jumping jacks will also make you quite a bit sweatier than the other exercises I’ve mentioned. Because of this fact, jumping jacks are not so ideal for the office. The fact jumping jacks make you sweat, however, shows just how great they are at burning calories. I have started doing 25 jumping jacks each morning before breakfast. Not only is It is a great way to help wake me up and get me moving for the day, but it also jump starts the muscles into burning calories throughout the entire day! Whenever I’m asked how to get thinner, jumping jacks are my first exercise of choice. They really use every group of muscles in your body and burn calories fast! As you know, burning calories will melt fat everywhere and definitely give you thinner thighs.

Leg extensions are a very focused and fantastic exercise for your thighs. The only down side is you really need to have a weight machine to do them properly and get the full effect. If you have access to a gym then I highly recommend you include this key exercise in your routine. The concept is quite simple. First, just use whatever weight you are comfortable with on the machine. Second, sit down and place one leg in at a time. Next, you then extend your leg out until its straight. That’s it! Do this ten times and then switch legs. If you want to work out the back of your leg as well, you can do a ‘reverse leg extension’ which is just what it sounds like. Sit on the machine facing down and then pull your leg (with the weights) upwards. As with regular leg extensions, complete ten reps and then switch legs.

As mentioned in this article, you will need to only concentrate on these three major exercises in order to attain thinner thighs. Now that you know what you need to do, here is the honey pot of information explaining the easy way to incorporate these exercises into your daily routines. Most, if not all, of us work for a living, so take a few minutes out of your work day and do something good for yourself. When you refill your beverage, try to complete 10 lunges and/or squats. Each time you go to the bathroom complete 25 jumping jack or 10 squats. So, if you drink a lot of water, (as you’re supposed to) or coffee, think about how many sets of exercises you can complete just by filling your cup and then emptying your bladder! It’s a no brainer. Before meetings, try to squeeze in 10 lunges or squats. The blood rush of doing the exercises may just help you stay awake and alert for another boring staff meeting. Before you go to lunch, you can certainly knock out 10 squats without a problem. Honestly, the jumping jacks I do only in the rest room. I know can get away with lunges and squats in the office, but I am not sure how my boss would react to jumping jacks, so I like I said, save those for the bathroom. Also, I don’t want everyone seeing everything jiggle! So you see, since these exercises do not have to be done all at the same time, nor do they need the aid of any type of machine (no need for a gym membership and another hefty bill), you should be able to fit them into your work day. Also, these ideas for how to get skinny thighs will work at home as well. As you get better at these exercises, and they no longer pose as much of a challenge, you can think about adding some ankle weights. They are very inconspicuous and easy to hide.

If you take the time and learn to work these exercises into your daily routine, and really stick with them, you’ll have thinner thighs in no time. Just remember, any time you are starting some new exercises you should always consult with a doctor to ensure you are healthy enough to do each exercise. Once you have the ‘all clear’ make sure you do the exercises at least 4-6 times per week to see the best results!


Source by Julie R.