Thigh Glider Review


It’s well known that many women are unhappy with the shape of their thighs. It’s one of the most common trouble spots women have. The Thigh Glider is a fitness product that’s sold with the promise of helping deal with this issue, by toning and firming your thighs. You may have seen the Thigh Glider in an infomercial online or on TV. It is a very simple device really. To use it you need to kneel on top of it, placing one lower leg on each of the pads. These pads are attached to a circular groove on which they can move sideways. By placing your legs on these pads and moving them back and forth, you can target your inner thighs.

With the Thigh Glider machine, you also get additional components which include: workout bands that you can attach to the machine to perform upper body exercises, wedges that you can attach to the machine and control your range of motion, and exercise DVDs to give you a selection of workouts that you can perform in your home with the Thigh Glider.

Does the Thigh Glider really work? Is it truly an effective way to tone and slim your thighs?

There is no question that the Thigh Glider does work your inner thighs. If you’re looking for a product that focuses on the thighs than this is a good contender. However, you should be aware of one fact: while you may be able to work on the thigh muscles and tone them with this product, it is virtually impossible to lose thigh fat specifically with it. The truth is that spot fat reduction is a myth. When you train a specific muscle, your body doesn’t burn fat from that area. Your muscles don’t turn to the fat stores around them. It simply isn’t the way our body works.

To lose thigh fat you must simply burn off more body fat in general. This is done by working out your entire body, eating correctly, and doing intensive cardio workouts. Simply working on your thighs is not enough.

The Thigh Glider is sold for about $200 (plus shipping and handling costs). It is up to you to decide if you wish to spend this kind of money on a fitness machine. No one can make this decision for you. Get it only if you are sure that you will be using it regularly.

Source by John Davenport