The Importance of Daily Bowel Movement in Staying Healthy


Daily bowel movement is important in cleansing your colon. Experts state that an individual should defecate at least once a day. Because of this, the toxins that the body eliminated through your stool will be immediately expelled from your body. Regular bowel movement prevents a lot of health problems such as colon cancer, hypertension, constipation and many more. Unfortunately, not everyone can have their bowel movement daily. Some only defecate once every two days up to once every three days. These bowel movement schedules are still normal as long as the duration doesn’t last for a week. However, experts still agree that daily BM schedule is the most preferable option, so you must exert efforts in attaining regular bowel movement schedules.

But how can you meet daily BM schedules? This is a common problem for a lot of individuals, as not everyone can successfully defecate on a daily basis. Since diet plays an important role in expelling feces, you must first modify your diet. It is easy as all you need to do is to add more fibers to your diet. You can do this by eating a lot of fruits and vegetables along with your usual meal. You should also do some simple workouts such as stretching exercises since it aids in a regular and normal peristalsis movement of your intestine.

Generally, it is not advisable to take laxatives especially in a daily basis. It will just suppress your natural BM mechanism and in the end, you will fully depend on it. Instead of laxatives, just try the natural methods of inducing bowel movement and start living healthily!

Source by Vanessa Ann Lea