The Best Advice for Longer Erections? 4 Questions About PE Exercises Answered in 4 Minutes


Is male enhancement exercise the best way to increase my erection size? Does jelqing work? How quickly will I see improvements to my size, staying power and sexual stamina? Should I combine enlargement pills with PE exercise for faster gains?

If not… Why not? What is phalloplasty? Are pills, pumps or pulleys the MOST effective way of enhancing erection length? Does diet play any role in optimal sexual performance? And if not, why not?

Any of these questions sound familiar? If you are anything like the thousands of men who have enjoyed our articles over the last year on optimizing sexual performance and enhancing erection size, the truth is, they probably do! If you’d like to learn some of what WE’VE learned about PE exercise, the best male enlargement techniques and which “methods” are FACT, vs fiction, continue reading as we take a closer look below!

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Absolutely not. There are many products, programs and promises about male enhancement exercise that are wildly exaggerated. There is NO magical method for increasing erection size “overnight”. Like any other self improvement technique, PE exercises need to be done regularly, with consistency and commitment, to garner the great gains that they promise.

What is the BEST thing I can do right now to increase my erection length and strength?

Good question! I’ll give you 2. Change your diet. And, change your lifestyle. How so? If you are a smoker, or heavy drinker, or consume a lot of processed sugars or “bad” fats, your erection size will suffer. Why? Because the REAL secret to maintaining a long and strong erection comes from the quality of nutrient rich blood that flows to and through your body during sexual arousal.

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No. The truth is, the best strategy of male enlargement currently is phalloplasty, and other similar surgical enhancement procedures. They are the quickest and most sure fire way to guarantee gains. The problem with phalloplasty or male enlargement surgery? These procedures are both expensive and potentially painful. They are also amongst the most problematic longer term, from a sexual function standpoint. Many men who undergo the wide variety of surgical procedures for increasing penis length and strength suffer from an equally wide variety of sexual dysfunctions thereafter.

Are Kegal exercises the same as jelqing?

No. They work two very different parts of the body, and actually aim to accomplish two very different goals. Kegal exercises are done to increase the strength of the PC muscle in the pelvis. The PC muscle is thought to be involved in all sorts of different sexual function, from regulating ejaculation to increasing erection rigidity. On the other hand, jelqing is solely concerned with expanding and toughening the tissue in the penis. This is done to “stretch” the spongy tissue, which allows both more length, and girth and volume for optimal blood flow, during sexual arousal.

The absolute BEST advice for men who want to increase erection size, but don’t know where to turn?

A combination of dietary changes, in conjunction with a daily PE exercise routine is the very best way to optimize your sexual performance, without drugs, danger or disappointment. Understanding that erection length involves far more than what you are born with biologically is key. Even those of us who were born smaller than we’d like can experience dramatic, powerful and impressive gains in size and strength during sex, and diet and exercise are the absolute quickest and easiest way of making that come true!

Source by Anthony J. Rigliosi