Skills For Behavior Change – Fitness


Starting an Exercise Routine

Beginners often start their exercise programs too rigorously. The most successful exercise program is one that is realistic and appropriate for your skill level and needs. Be realistic about the amount of time you will need to get into good physical condition. Perhaps the most significant factor early on in an exercise program is personal comfort. You’ll need to experiment to find an activity that you truly enjoy. Be open to exploring new activities and new exercise equipment.

Start slow as a beginning exerciser. For the sedentary, first-time exerciser, any type and amount of physical activity will be a step in the right direction. If you are extremely overweight or out of condition, you might only be able to walk for five minutes at a time. Don’t be discouraged; you’re on your way!

Make only one life change at a time. Success at one major behavioral change will encourage you to make other positive changes.

Have reasonable expectations for yourself and your fitness program. Many people become exercise dropouts because their expectations were too high to begin with. Allow sufficient time to reach your fitness goals.

Choose a specific time to exercise and stick with it. Learning to establish priorities and keeping to a schedule are vital steps toward improved fitness. Experiment by exercising at different times of the day to learn what schedule works best for you.

Exercise with a friend. Reneging on an exercise commitment is much more difficult if you exercise with someone else. Partners can motivate and encourage one another, provided they remember that the rate of progress will not be the same for them both.

Make exercise a positive habit. Usually, if you are able to practice a desired activity for three weeks, you will be able to incorporate it into your lifestyle. Keep a record of your progress. Include various facts about your physical activities(duration, intensity) and chronicle your emotions and personal achievements as you progress.

Take lapses in stride. Physical de conditioning-a decline in fitness level-occurs at about the same rate as physical conditioning. First, renew your commitment to fitness, and then restart your exercise program.

Source by Robin Kumar Lim