Signs That Your Belly Button Piercing is Healed


When people get their belly buttons pierced, it can often be very hard to wait the recommended 6 to 12 months for proper healing. Belly button rings are some of the most common body jewelry but belly button piercings are some of the slowest to heal.

Other body piercings can take as little as four to six weeks to heal, but the navel ring takes much longer. Young people who get piercings usually have the hardest time waiting for the belly ring to be ready to be changed.

The purpose of this article is to provide tips and tricks to speed healing time, as well as how to tell when the piercing is completely healed and ready for changing.

The first and most important thing to keep in mind is that you should not touch your new piercing unless absolutely necessary. It is recommended that people clean navel rings once a day with warm water and antibacterial soap and avoid using any creams or alcohols that will irritate or dry the skin.

Secondly, remember to wear loose clothing that won’t irritate your new piercing by rubbing against it during your day to day activities. Belly rings are especially susceptible this form of irritation because people generally wear shirts every day. Refraining from sports or activities that will cause excessive sweating is another way to prevent any pain and speed healing time.

The following are things to look for that will prove that your piercing is healed and that you’re ready to switch belly button rings.

  • No redness at or around the piercing site.
  • No clear, gray or greenish secretion from the piercing.
  • No scabbing or bleeding around the belly ring.
  • No pain when cleaning the belly button ring
  • The ability to twist the belly button ring one full turn without pain, bleeding or secretion.

If your navel ring passes all of the above tests, you’re probably ready to change belly button rings. Of course, there’s no guarantee that you won’t begin to experience some of these negative symptoms after you change your ring. The only way to be certain that you’re ready to change your belly ring is to revisit your piercing for his or her blessing.

The tips above provide a good gauge for things that SHOULD be gone before you attempt to switch your navel ring, and should you experience any serious pain or infection, visit your doctor right away to prevent further injury.

Source by Jade Greene