Should You Shave Your Legs?


Many women want to have smooth and hairless legs which look and feel great under a dress. This clean fresh look is also being wanted by more and more men also. Gone are the days when shaven legs were the sole domain of the male bodybuilder. There are many ways to get rid of the unwanted hair on the legs and one can choose based on cost, convenience and permanence. For example, some of the dearer techniques such as laser and electrolysis are not that convenient and cost a lot of money. Whereas, shaving and friction are some of the cheaper and more convenient methods. One of the most popular ways to remove hair from the legs is to shave it off. Shaving is a hair removal method that has been used for many years by both men and women and is considered to be the cheapest and most convenient of the methods. New innovations in terms of shaving products are coming out all the time. As well as razors with five blades, new shaving lotions are always appearing that promise even smoother shaves than ever before.

There are many things which one has to keep in mind while shaving legs so that any irritation or cuts which can be painful can be avoided. The last thing a lady desires is a nasty cut on her leg while wearing that new expensive dress. The following sections list some of the advantages and disadvantages of shaving legs that should be considered by both men and women before undertaking such a procedure:


  • If performed correctly it is not painful and it can be done anytime. Some methods that are commonly used at beauty parlours like waxing and sugaring are extremely painful and not many can bear the pain of the hot solution on the skin and then the repeated extraction.
  • The activity of shaving legs does not take that long compared to other methods and it can be done in the convenience of the owner’s home. The most time consuming aspect is buying the equipment from a local convenience store.
  • No specialist training is required and following a few simple tips excellent results can be obtained. Some of the other hair removal methods require a lot of experience to master and can be very expensive.


  • When a hair is cut with a razor the hair appears to grow back thicker; however, this is not actually the case. The hair has actually been cut at its thickest section and when the air grows back it is this that appears first. Normally when a hair drops out or is pulled out the new hair grows back with a fine tip. Leaving this hair to grow for a while will produce the same thickness of hair that was there before.
  • If proper preparation and care is not performed then the results could look fairly disastrous. It is possible to cause many nicks and cuts with inappropriate lotions and damaged razors. Although legs are fairly tough areas, shaving should be performed with the same due care and attention as any other part of the body.
  • Shaving is not that compatible with waxing. People who have shaved their legs for many years find waxing very painful as their skin and hair is used to being shaved. Also, people who have enjoyed smooth legs for many years find it very distressing to have to grow their hair back before a waxing session can be performed.

Like any other hair removal method shaving has its own advantages and disadvantages. If done right you can get great results. If not done right the results can look quite horrific. At the end of the day a shaving instrument is one of the sharpest items you are likely to come across in your lifetime so extreme care is required.

Source by Marco Romaro