Receding Gums Can Come From Unexpected Sources


When most people think of mouth problems, they think of cavities and other tooth issues primarily. For many, healthy gums are nothing but a passing thought that is usually not concentrated upon. However, gum problems such as gum diseases, or even receding gums, can lead to problems that go far beyond the gums themselves. From receding gums, you can end up with a higher chance of cavities and many other issues, as well. While you may have been surprised to hear that not taking proper care of your gums can be a costly mistake, you may also be surprised to hear of some of the possible causes.

There are some very quirky and rather strange possible causes. For instance, while many teens and young people in general may think it is a good idea to get a piercing through their lip or tongue, these piercings can spell trouble when it comes to gum health. This is because the accumulated wear on gums from the inevitable rubbing that occurs will eventually take its toll, often leading to receding gums.

That is not the other questionable choice that can lead to gum problems, though. The use of chewing tobacco has been long known to cause all kinds of problems in the long term, including and up to cancer, which makes it a serious problem already. However, some of the lesser risks of using chewing tobacco include deterioration to your gums, which can lead to receding gums over time. If you think about how chewing tobacco is used, it is easy to understand how regular use over time can lead to damage of your gums, which is one of several good reasons to not partake in that particular activity.

Those with eating disorders that make them want to induce vomiting face a number of potential health risks and dangers, not the least of which is an unhealthy amount of weight loss and malnutrition that can lead to death. However, the repeated instances of vomiting can also take their toll, as both teeth and gums can be damaged by the constant presence of traces of vomit. The gums will eventually recede when this is the case, as well.

Another not-so-serious cause is to do with using good oral hygiene, but perhaps taking it a bit too far. That’s right, brushing your teeth too aggressively can damage and wear down your gums, too. So, if you brush quite firmly, a softer brush may be in order, or at least a less aggressive stroke.

These are just some of the possible causes that many are not aware of. The ones highlighted here are causes that can be stopped with the proper changes in your behavior or decision-making, although many people get receding gums naturally through no fault of their own. Still, it only makes sense to take better care of your mouth by staying away from the risks outlined here.

Source by Adam Gaines