Must Your Gums Recede and Teeth Fall As You Age?


Do you believe that gums must recede as we age? If you do, then it might seem natural to you to lose teeth. I have known people in their late 80's and I am happy to see that they still have their complete set of teeth. They say that they have been very cautious when it comes to the food they intake and with proper home care.

Funny how some elderly would stick out their dentures and scare their grand children away – happy bonding time with the family, something really worth reminiscing. But do you know that there is more to life than just making the children in your family have a good time when they see you play with your dentures?

Perhaps you are making it appealing to them so that they tend to like the idea or at least accept that they would lose their teeth one by one. I have actually asked a child who had his first permanent molar extracted at the age of 12. Imagine how many years more he has to live without his first molar. This does not bother him as he is actually enjoying the idea that he may soon wear dentures.

Some patients sound weird as they talk to the receptionist that they are having several incisors extracted due to little discolorations. They should understand that this it is a bad idea to pull teeth for cosmetic reasons.

And I realized that the greatest secret of the successful ones is that they meticulously cared for their teeth throughout their lifetime. You do not have to lose your teeth as you grow old. Gum recession does not have to be part of the aging process.

You simply need to understand more about teeth and how they work. Brushing and flossing are not always enough. If they were, so many people would not be stuck with an active case of gum disease!

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Source by Scott Wells