Make Your Penis Look Bigger – Easy And Simple Tips


As every individual is unique, two different penises may appear to be the same size when aroused but usually a vast difference when not aroused. This article is meant to provide you quick and simple tips to make your penis look bigger in all states of arousal to avoid embarrassment when caught off guard (Like in a man’s shower perhaps).

One of the most common practices to make your penis look larger than it actually is by trimming the pubic hair around the base and very carefully around the shaft. Making this a habit is a good thing as it makes your penis stand out. However, the hair that does grow back will be a little spiky so making sure your partner is fine with it before going ahead with shaving might be a good idea.

There are a variety of exercises and massages which increase blood circulation and can be performed prior to intimate encounters. The exercises are fairly short and can be done in under a minute to avoid shrinkage especially if you’re expecting it to be a little chilly once you pull your pants down. The blood running through the shaft will keep it slightly suspended instead of pulling in from the sudden change of temperature.

Losing weight makes a significant difference. Many men who have a pouch look to have a much smaller penis but are actually of average size. Two things that make it seem that way is the comparison of a huge belly to a penis makes it look much smaller. The second thing is fat also accumulates around the crotch and base of the penis which reduces the length of the shaft that is used for penetration. This not only causes you to make your penis look bigger but more than likely perform better in all aspects.

A cock ring can be used to maintain erections for longer periods of time. For example, right after ejaculation and you still intend on going, a cock ring reduces the blood flowing out from the penis too quickly which reduces the time it takes you to get into action. Cautionary note, follow instructions of use to the letter. There are cases when constricted for too long causing pain and requiring medical treatment.

Not as simple but just as effective is taking a pill to quickly gain an erection. The older men are, the longer it takes to achieve a full erection. Many pills which use natural ingredients simply increase blood circulation and even increase sex drive. Take note that once again following instructions here is important. Overdosing on something that increases your blood circulation can cause cardiac arrest and no one wants to get caught with their pants down while their penis is standing at attention.

Source by Johannes Thomas