Make Your Penis Larger – 3 Monster Tips You Must Read In Order To Significantly Increase Your Size!


Are you packing an average (6 inches) or small (4-5 inches) penis size? Well, you don’t have to deal with having either a small or average sized penis again! There are many options available out here that say that they will help you make your penis larger naturally. However, not all options will bring about natural or effective results. The best option that worked very well for me as well as millions of other men is natural penile exercises using just your hands. Read on to learn more:

1.) Speed Up Blood Circulation

One of the most critical components of natural penis enlargement is speeding up blood circulation to the chambers of your manhood. Penis exercises will in fact increase blood flow, but there are also a few foods that I recommend you eat plenty of as well (fruits, green leafy veggies, and foods high in niacin), and I also recommend that you do high intensity cardiovascular exercises (such as sprinting) at least 3 times a week. All of this will help significantly improve blood circulation and making it incredibly easier and effective to grow a MONSTER sized penis in just weeks.

2.) The Keys To Success With Natural Hand Exercises

Exercising your penis is hands down the best way to get bigger. However, there are a few keys to success that you must know in order for these exercises to bring about substantial results:

A.) Ensure that your penis is semi-erected before beginning these routines.

B.) I recommend that you use lubrication while doing exercises (to prevent soreness).

C.) Warm up your penis by placing a warm wash cloth on your penis for a few minutes before you start exercising.

D.) Avoid exercising for longer than 10 minutes.

E.) Stay 100% consistent with the penis exercise program you choose.

3.) The Importance Of Selecting The Right Program

There are a plethora of specific exercise routines that are sure to maximize the size of your penis. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you choose a reputable and highly effective penis exercise program that contains different levels (beginner to advanced) of exercises for you to perform.

Bottom line, you can surely make your penis larger naturally by opting to do natural penis exercises. All it will take from you is consistency, less than 10 minutes out of your day, your two hands, and a reputable penis exercise program, and you can ultimately grow 1-4 inches longer (I added 2 inches to my size), become more thicker, develop harder erections, and significantly improve your sex life (cure premature ejaculation, stamina, and enhance orgasms) in 8 weeks time… permanently.

Source by Anthony Sciuto