Love Your Fine Strands


I believe that this is the first step in your journey to healthy fine strands. God was intentional and deliberate in His thoughts when creating you and in the way He created you. Why not love what He’s given you? Sure, your hair may not be as thick as someone else’s, but it’s yours and it’s a part of your physical make up.

Accept and welcome the uniqueness of your locks. If you’re like me, at some point in your life you spoke these words. “I hate my thin strands”, “I hate having fine strands”, “Why can’t they be thick”, or “I wish I had thick strands”. While these may be valid emotions, don’t focus on what it’s not, but focus on what it can become. Learn to love and work with what you have. Once you embrace your fine strands, you’ll learn to love them for what they are. I’ve learned from experience that through acceptance and embracing, you’ll begin to love them. You will see that your fine strands will begin to grow and become healthy! You cannot begin to imagine the versatility, volume, length, and strength your fine strands will obtain.

Don’t worry…there are proactive steps you can take, products you can use, and healthy ways of caring for your hair that can make it the best you’ve ever seen it be! Loving your fine strands and treating them gently will prove to be beneficial and produce healthy length and growth.

Remember changing your way of thinking can produce a better outcome!

Source by Antonina Geer