Large Frame Vs Small Frame


Skeletal sizes can vary. You can check this by comparing the wrist size of a “small boned” person to that of a “large boned” person. You can exercise and diet sensibly to lose weight but a larger frame person will probably not reach her prepubescent size nor should she even tries. The goal of a “large frame” person should be to try to achieve a healthy weight for his/her body type. A large frame person does not look as thin as a light framed person might; on the other hand, in old age the heavy-framed person may not develop a hump back and may not be not as likely to gain hip fractures due to osteoporosis. Having a slight frame is not a good thing for most women in the long run.

A large frame person can have low body fat just as a small frame person. However, they may never look as small and if they try, they would look emaciated. For instance, a 5ft2 woman with wide hip bones, if she goes less than 36 inches may start to protrude quite badly and her butt may look out of shape. A different person with the same height can have 33 inch hips and still have plenty of fat on them and have a nice round “posterior.”

Women especially should always take their built and frame into account and stick with a weight and size that are proportionate to their frame. A big-boned person should focus on obtaining low body fat even if the result won’t appear the same as that of a smaller person. So just don’t go overboard, always take your build and frame size into account and stick with a weight and size that you are most comfortable with. In order to determine if you are a large frame or medium frame person, measure your wrist. If it is 7-1/2″ around, you are “medium boned.” A “a big-boned woman has a wrist that measures about 8”. While we should focus on eating healthy and losing weight, we should accept our frame, and work with it.

As we journey through life, whether we’re, small, medium, or large frames, we should make a healthy life style our priority. We should make it our goal to stay away from situations in which unhealthy food is an option. If sweets or greasy foods are present and convenient, we’re much more likely to eat them than we are to eat something healthy. Instead of going to a fast food place and trying to order a salad, make the health food restaurant an option instead. Get rid of unhealthy foods and snacks quickly, before losing your willpower. Your environment should be stocked with healthy food and goodies only, so when the need arises, you can reach for something good and good for you. Skipping meals should not be an option. It’s not healthy to stop eating, you end up eating more to make up for the energy you lack. Eat healthily, watch your sodium intake, sugar and fats. Maintain portion sizes as exact as possible.

Anyhow, in a healthy person, there’s still a good layer of fat around the heart. In an obese person, too much fat can completely encase the heart which causes problems as the heart can no longer work optimally as a result; not to mention that the smallest amount of physical exertion can cause a heart attack, and complications. So think about your heart. Keep it healthy. And keep yourself fit. Cut out fast food, soda, beer, candy, processed foods and stuff you know that aren’t good for you.Make eating fresh fruits, veggie, lean meat and protein part of your daily routine. Drink a lot of water, eat breakfast, and go with whole wheat pastas and whole grain breads.

Source by G Gautreau