Jelqing Techniques for Girth – 3 Tips To Increase Penis Girth


If you are interested in increasing penis girth, then you probably already know how important increased width is. Women attribute the “size matters” issue with girth size. That is, yes size does matter, but it is not so much the length, but girth which makes the big difference in the bedroom.

If you are reading this article, you also are probably aware of jelqing, which is the exercise guys use to increase penis size. Jelqing both increases length and width. But a lot of guys are solely concerned with width, and could care less about length (again, they’ve become aware of what really matters when it comes to bigger penis size).

There are jelqing techniques for girth. Here are 3 tips on how to increase penis girth size with the jelq exercise.

  1. Basic Jelqing. The first jelqing technique for girth that should be tried is simply performing basic jelqing. Guys forget that basic jelqs do produce increased girth, and before trying any advanced techniques, one should do the basics first to see how well you respond as far as girth results go. Many guys will experience girth gains first, before even getting to length. Basic jelqing is performed with the penis being at about a 40-60% erection and the hands in the traditional “OK” sign, with thumb meeting the forefinger, forming a circle. One hand is wrapped around the base of the penis and gently and slowly forced towards the head, releasing just before reaching the head. Then the same is repeated with the other hand. A number of sets and reps are performed based on the routine you are following. Now while length gains are usually the main focus of performing basic jelqs, girth results should equally be expected, and you may very well be satisfied with the results, meaning you won’t have to do any specialized exercises for girth. And if you don’t mind some added length, then doing basic jelqs first, before getting into more advanced techniques, may be the best route to take.
  2. Reverse jelqs. A jelqing technique for girth specifically are reverse jelqs. This is simply doing basic jelqs, but instead of releasing before the head, you reverse the motion back down to the base. You will be working the shaft back and forth and generally a shorter amount of area will be covered, as you get a rhythm going. With basics, you are starting at the base and forcing your grip forward, which inevitably comes off as a stretching like movement. With forward and reverse motions, it’s more like an accordion. While you jelq forward, you quickly reverse before coming to a full out stretched position. Working in reverse you work more of the penis chambers which can lead to better girth gains. Now some guys will increase their “semi-erection”, closer to the 60 -70% mark. It’s hard to give exact percentages but in general a slight increase in the semi-erect state when performing jelqing techniques for girth is used.
  3. The V-Grip. An alternative for grip when performing jelqing techniques for girth is the “V-grip”. This is where a “V” is formed with one hand and placed on the top side of the penis at the base. The other hand is then cupped under the penis (not in a “V”, just “cupped” as if you were collecting water in your hand). Then the motion is forward and before the head you reverse it back to base. This is repeated for a certain number of sets and reps depending on what routine you are doing. You’ll see the “V-grip” focuses pressure specifically on the side chambers of the penis, working the girth aspects to larger penis size.
Source by Chess McDoogle