How To Stop A Tickly Cough – My Tricks To Stop The Coughing Fits


During the colder months, a lot of people are complaining about tickly cough. If you are bothered with your coughing fits, then it is time to find a few tips on how to stop a tickly cough.

I am absolutely aware of the irritating signs of this type of cough. Your body is trying to cough as a way to relieve the itchy feeling inside your throat. And when you least expect it, a coughing fit may suddenly strike. Is it not too embarrassing when you are talking to a client or delivering a presentation? There’s got to be a way to finally stop this tickly cough. So, what are the tricks on how to stop a tickly cough?

Let us first start with your clothing. You need to be as comfortable as possible when you have cough. Hence, try to wear a sweater or a shirt with turtleneck. The important thing is to not feel cold with what you are wearing.

Aside from the clothing, you also need to take a few steps that will prevent making the situation worse. When I have the tickly type of cough, I usually have this urge to cough. The trick I use to avoid this urge would be to keep my throat as moist as possible. How do you do this? I stop drinking cold drinks. In fact, I even stop drinking water.

That’s quite shocking, right? I know that a lot of advices would tell you to drink as much water as you can. Yes, I do drink a lot of water but I make sure it is warm. And here is a trick. Try to have a cup of hot tea with honey instead of sugar. Hot tea is my top secret to keeping the coughing fit away for a couple of hours and I drink it all day.

Breathing is also important in keeping the throat moist. I learned that some alternative medicine experts recommend inhaling through the mouth and exhaling through the nose. This will help bring in warm air and will prevent your coughing fits. Do this every half an hour and you keep the throat as moist as possible.

Now, we can go over a few remedies that are sure winners and proven to work. Using the correct remedies is how to stop the tickly cough as soon as possible. So, where do we start?

The first cough remedy would absolutely be cough drops. Just like a hot cup of tea, this will keep your throat moist all throughout the day. Get a bag of these drops and bring it with you everywhere you go. The medication in these drops will continually help stave off the coughing fits.

Finally, I also advise that you consider Benylin for this type of coughs. This fast and effective liquid medicine is intended both young kids and adults too. Nevertheless, I suggest you consult your doctor with this medicine, especially for children below 2 years old and pregnant women.

These tips are awesome and these are proven to work. But if you are still interested to learn more about how to stop tickly cough, I invite you to check out the website that I recommend below.

Source by Ian Maranon