How to Stay Healthy and Fit


If you're a smoking teenager, chances are very big to get a heart disease or stroke when you'll be older. So in that case, I would suggest you try to avoid any kind of cigarettes, to practice sport, to say no to alcohol or any kind of drugs and to always have safe sex. It is also strongly recommended to pay the doctor a visit more often for different tests, such as measuring your blood pressure and checking your general health.

What you eat is also very important for your health. An obese person is at risk for many diseases. The BMI (body mass index) is being used to measure the proportions between weight and height. A person considered to be overweight has a body mass index above 95%, but for example, an athlete can also have a high BMI without being overweight. The explanation could be that the body has extra muscle tissue, but no fat at all. The body begins to gain weight when it's overfed, that means when it receives more calories than it needs, or than it burns off. Obesity means stress for the body, health and mind. Obese people feel depressed and there is more likely for them to eat to cure this depression than to run or swim. So, the key in avoiding obesity is to have an organized life program, respect your body, to exercise everyday, to try to eat healthy and to avoid tobacco, alcohol or drugs.

It's very important to teach yourself to eat only what's good for your health, because, after all, you're eating to stay alive, not staying alive just for the taste of food. Even though you're not a sporty person, you should try to find an activity that you enjoy to mix it somehow with a bit of sport. For example, if you feel to relax yourself, take the bike and go to your favorite place: a lake, a forest, a park instead of watching TV and being tempted of eating in front of it. Spend more time outside, in the nature rather than staying at the computer, playing some game that instead of relaxing you, will make you more tired. Read more about ways of staying healthy, it will improve your knowledge and most importantly: a healthy body needs a healthy mind!

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Source by Michael Rad