How to Prevent Snoring – 8 Tips to a Snore Free Night


We have all heard snoring from either ourselves or someone else. Having heard the rumblings we have all probably wanted to know how to prevent snoring. Here are some tips that will help relieve and or stop the problem.


Now there are mild and sever cases of snoring. Mild snoring that isn’t related to sleep apnea usually responds well to home remedies. Sleep apnea is more serious and something you should consider seeing a Doctor about. The following tips generally work well for mild cases. The last tip below has been known to help even serious cases.

The reason for snoring

Our breathing airways in the nose and throat are what not only let us stay alive but produce the snoring sound. When these airways get smaller the air passing through finds it more difficult to travel. The resistance the air runs into is the tissue in our airways. This resistance produces the vibrations we call snoring. The more tissue or the looser the tissue the more likely we are to snore. That is a pretty simple concept. Preventing the snoring can be more of a challenge.

Tips to Prevent Snoring

1. Okay, not all of us like to hear that one way to improve our snoring problem is to improve our fitness level. The reality is that the less fatty tissue we have the more room we will have in our airways. This results in better sleep. There are plenty of other benefits to improving our diet and getting some exercise.

2. If you smoke or are around a lot of secondhand smoke, reducing or eliminating the smoke from your environment will help keep your airways clean.

3. Get off your back. Yes, if you have not tried it yet, sleep on your side rather then your back. Sleeping on your back makes it easier for the tissue and tongue to slide backwards blocking the airway. If you are not a serious snorer then this may prevent your snoring. If you have trouble staying off you back then you might try sewing a pocket on the back of a tee shirt and putting a couple tennis balls inside. This will result in an uncomfortable feeling when you roll onto your back. After a while you will get out of the habit of sleeping on your back. This solution can totally prevent snoring in mild cases.

4. Try sleeping without a pillow. Sometimes the pillow will block your airway by bending your neck so that it is more difficult to breath.

5. Elevate your bed. Do what? Yes, elevating the head of your bed about 4 inches can help by causing your tongue and jaw to drop forward. By moving the jaw and tongue forward it helps to open the airway.

How do you elevate your bed? One way is to place some rolled up towels under the head of your bed so that the whole mattress is elevated at the head of your bed. You could also see about putting some wooden blocks under the bed frame feet. Some people say that simply raising the bed like this so you sleep at an angle gives you an overall much improved rest at night.

6. Reduce or stop your alcohol intake in the evening. Why? Well, the alcohol is a muscle relaxant which can cause the muscles in your airway to relax. Relaxing the muscles in your airway is not how to prevent snoring! The goal is to open up the airway.

7. Avoid fatty dairy food before bed. These food tend to produce mucus buildups in your throat. This will tend to reduce the pathway the air has to move in and increase the chances of snoring.

8. Special exercises designed to strengthen your throat muscles can put a halt to even severe snoring problems. Using easy exercises for the muscles of the airway passage has helped many people toned and tighten the tissue in their airways. Thousands of people have learn how to prevent snoring using simple exercises.

There you have eight tips that you can use to relieve the snoring in your life. Give them a try and and you too should see an improvement in the quality of your sleep. If the above tips don’t stop your snoring or you want to learn how to do the simple throat exercises that have helped thousands stop snoring permanently – just click the link below.

Source by Heather Jacobson