How to Jump Higher for Basketball – Two Tips From a Volleyball Player


So you’re here to learn how to jump higher for basketball. Then you find out that I’m a volleyball player. Don’t leave! I know how to jump higher than most basketball players out there. Today, I’ll be giving you a couple of tips that I learned from my coaches that I’ve had throughout the years. If you’re just waiting to get a few inches added to your vertical, read these tips and follow them closely.

Remember to always “push through”

What I mean by “push through” is a rather simple concept. When people jump, the normal shift of energy goes from the balls of your feet through your toes, pushing off the ground until every single part of your foot is in the air. Now this is much more of a psychological trick than a physical trick, but picture yourself “pushing through”. Focus not on making that initial push, but rather on your feet straightening out as your toes leave the ground.

You will find that your toes point down and you feel more power as you jump. Guess what? You actually are jumping higher, too!

Stretch, stretch, stretch – Sit on your shoelaces

I’m not only a volleyball player; I’m a swimmer, too. In both sports, my coaches have told me to stretch out my ankles by sitting on my foot with the “shoelaces” part facing down. Then, lean back and pull your knees up. Your ankles should stretch out nicely. A big problem with basketball is that running often undoes this stretch. So, if you really want to know how to jump higher for basketball, it’s simple. Do this stretch every day!

Source by Katie Downe