How to Assess Your Fitness Level


Majority of us like to think that we are fit and healthy and don’t have to exercise. Whereas, there are some who hate the very thought of exercise and try all excuses to avoid it. In whichever category you fall into, an assessment of your fitness level will bring the reality into light. Whether you are underweight or overweight, both conditions are not good for your health and needs rectification. Hence, it is essential to assess your fitness levels from time to time to get our bodies fit and healthy. Here are some standard fitness tests that will help you assess your fitness levels:

1. Weight: Your weight can speak volumes about your fitness. Measure your weight on a weighing scale and check it against a height and weight chart to know your ideal weight. Other factors like age, cholesterol levels, and physical activities will also determine whether your weight is ideal. However, on a broad scale, the height-weight chart tells you whether your weight is normal and within limits, underweight or overweight.

2. BMI scores: Another easy method to assess your fitness level is to know your BMI score. If you can calculate it yourselves fine, otherwise you can use a standard BMI calculator to know your ideal Body Mass Index which will give you the ratio of your fat against the lean muscles. A BMI score of 20 to 25 is ideal and makes you fit and healthy. A score above 25 says you are not fit and need to do something about it.

3. Take the One-mile test: The best way to assess your fitness is to take the one-mile walk test. Go for a brisk walk for a mile and see how much time it takes for you to complete the walk. If you can finish the walk in 10 minutes, you are in top health. If it takes longer then you need to work on improving your speed without going out of breath.

4. Take the Velocity-jump test: All you require for this is a bag of chalks. Powder your fingers with chalk and squat on the floor and touch the wall with your fingers. Then pushing yourself with your feet, jump up as high as you can and again touch the wall. The difference between the two chalk marks will tell you the distance of the vertical leap. This test shows your lower body power.

5. Do the stretching exercise: Take a yardstick and mark at the 15-inch mark. Sit with your legs stretched in front of you and stretch to see how far you can reach within the 15-inch mark.

6. Resting Heart Rate: Measuring you resting heart rate is one of the best methods to determine how fit you are. For this, you need to measure your heart rate as soon as you wake up in the morning or after you have been lying down and resting for at least for an hour. For a fit and healthy person, the resting heart rate is usually below 60. Anything above 60 indicates that you need to do some serious cardio exercises to get yourself fit and healthy.

All the above tips are necessary to assess your fitness levels and before you embark into a fitness program. Get help from your doctor or physical trainer to improve your fitness levels.

Source by Kya Cassiuss Victoria