How Beyonce Knowles Makes Herself Trim and Fit


Beyonce Kowles is a weight watcher, and a strict one at that. You can just look at her body every time she performs and you cannot help but to admire the great curves she has. Many other performers are trying to copy the self discipline that Beyonce imposes on herself to maintain her body curvature and fitness that is very much needed in her stage performances.

The discipline that Beyonce imposes on herself is very much evident on the flatness of her belly and the side curves that she so uses to its fullest imaginable extent. This gives her that sensual gyrating effect that would make her audience go wild over her and would follow her dance towards full audience participation. This would ensure the success of her outstanding stage performance in whatever country she performs in.

It is said that the diet of Beyonce is strictly regulated. Calories, fats and even carbohydrates are all ensured to be taken in by Beyonce on the right level and never to exceed the amount needed. Aside from her strict diet, Beyonce never drinks any alcoholic beverages and is a non-smoker. This very healthy diet of Beyonce is just a part of her will to be fit and maintain her figure.

The fact that Beyonce can afford to discipline herself with her strict and regulated diet is something to be amazed of considering that nearly every one on the set, including the stage crews, her hairdresser, her personal secretary, her stage director and even her manager are fond of eating fatty foods. Indeed, the will of this stage performer is something out of the ordinary.

The other part of Beyonce that plays a major role in maintaining her tapered abdomen and curvaceous side body is her rigorous exercise regimen. Although dancing would be a natural exercise for her during every performance, still Beyonce sees to it that she runs regularly and does several other forms of exercise workouts on a daily basis and also adheres to the different forms of yoga exercises.

Have you heard about the master cleanse system? This is the secret of Beyonce whenever she feels that the strict diet and exercise regimen she follows seems to falter and she feels to gain some weight. And more importantly, when she is faced with a movie project that would require her to even look slimmer than her regular form.

It is said that whenever Beyonce uses this system, it never fails her to look even slimmer than her normal body size. This system actually works like some sort of a quick body slimming program for people who need to look and to appear slimmer than their normal appearance. This system works separately from any diet and exercise program that a person may have.

It is thus worthy to note how Beyonce Knowles discipline herself in the form of maintaining a proper diet program and exhaustive exercise regimen in her pursuit of projecting a sexy and fit image every time she performs on stage.

Source by Edison Ryke