How Bee Propolis Treats Gum Recession


Using Bee Propolis, gum recession, gingivitis, and even periodontitis can be cured as the propolis helps the gum tissue to grow back and this mainly due to the anti-bacterial properties as well as the anti fungal and anti inflammatory properties.

However people that have receding gums should undergo a thorough check up with their dentist who will be able to determine bone loss as well as check the gum pockets for infection.

In severe cases most people end up having surgery which is painful and unpleasant whereby the dentist grafts tissue over the exposed root which will hen protect the gums from further recession and just depending on how severe the recession has gone a proper skin graft will be needed whereby the dentist will take skin from a part of your mouth and graft it onto the parts that have receded.

To prevent this from happening it is imperative that one visit the dentist regular as well as visit the oral hygienist to have you teethed cleaned properly. From a child one should practice good oral habits and after every meal one should brush their teeth gently with circular brushing and one need’s to floss between the gums and teeth to remove any food deposits.

There are now mouth washes as well as toothpastes that contain bee propolis to combat gum recession. These products help the gums retain their health as well as build up the bone. One can now also obtain over the counter bee propolis tablets which come in different strengths as well as combinations of bee propolis and Royal Jelly which has a known healing effect on receding gums.

Many that have treated there gum recession with products containing bee propolis have reported back saying their gums improved rapidly as did their bone loss. Extensive research has also shown that propolis has a specific antiseptic and anti bacterial regenerative property and is being recommended by many dentists globally.


Source by Jeff P. Gardener