How Bee Propolis and Aloe Vera Prevent Receding Gums, Tooth Decay, And Bone Loss


As one ages it is natural for the gums to recede although many people already have receding gums at a young age due to poor dental health. The teeth are supported and protected by the gums that surround the roots and when the gum pulls away from the teeth and in some instances the gum pulls so far up that it exposes part of the root and this is known as receding gums.

It is of the utmost importance that one takes good care of your teeth from a young age as gum recession occurs mainly from aggressive brushing as well as wear and tear over the years. In the case of adolescent, this is probably a sign of gum disease known as periodontal disease and three out of five adults suffer from this disease, which in most cases does not cause any pain or discomfort. But it will cause your teeth to fall out one by one.

Dental manufactures have produced toothpastes for this purpose using bee propolis or aloe vera to prevent recession. These products are highly recommended by dentists as they has been proven to lessen the decay of healthy teeth and gums.

The symptoms of receding gums are red swollen and tender gums, gums bleed when brushed, erosion, toothaches, your bite is affected, partial dentures do not fit properly and one’s teeth start loosening.

The major factor for this is due to periodontal bone loss which causes the gums to recede and bacteria that is not removed resides under the gums and starts to cause inflammatory conditions in the mouth. Bee propolis has proved to be very effective is lessening bone erosion as it hardens the bone density and fending off receding gums.

Another way to prevent your gums from receding is to brush your teeth softly and when brushing only use circular motions which are far gentler on your teeth as well as the gums. When one has severe gum recession you could end up having very painful surgery or lose your teeth.

However preventing gum disease before a worst case scenario is most advised.

Source by Jeff P. Gardener