Health Tips For Stay at Home Moms and Wives


If you are a stay at home mom, wife who has weight issues then here are some tips for helping you get back in shape by losing that extra flab and shedding the extra weight.

Firstly, I will advise you to drink lots of water, fluids during the course of the day. This will not only help you flush out the toxins from your body but will also help suppress your appetite to eat more food that required. Then, I think you should put a lot of physical effort in doing your household chores like cleaning and washing your clothes with your own hands rather than using washing machine for the said process. You can find new and creative ways of cleaning the rooms of the household by bending and stretching your body and back, getting your body totally stretched and exhausted in the process and enabling you to get your body toned and exercised during the process.

Besides, you should go buy grocery by walking to nearby local stores or in any case try to walk as much as possible during the day. So, when you get up in the morning then go for morning walks on empty stomach and this will make you feel fresh mentally while getting you physically energetic enough for doing the daily household chores and performing your other duties in the day. Then go for relaxing evening walk after dinner – it will help you digest food faster and also calm you down and help you get in shape too. It is important that you find time to dance or do aerobic workouts whenever possible. Play a musical score in the background and just dance naturally or perform aerobic workouts energetically whenever you feel sad or exhausted. These will not only help cheer you up but also help you become more active and lead a more productive life and in the process help you lose that extra weight too!

Also do not eat junk food as much as possible. So try avoiding soft drinks, fast food items as they have lot of fat, excess salt that though taste good and are tempting but not good for your health. So even if you have to eat few healthy homemade snacks during the day. Most importantly, eat small portions of food items when you eat meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can instead of having meals 3 times have meals 5 to 6 during the day but space it out better and eat only that much food that you were going to eat in those 3 meals in the day. So eating smaller meals during the day will make you feel less heavy, is good for digestion and helps keep you keep more active during the day and is ideal for losing weight and staying fit too.

All in all, you will have to have a proper plan of action dedicated to getting fit and stick to it by inculcating the right food habits and by being that much more active to get the desired results.

Source by Claire Weinfeld