Health and Wellness Tips in the Workplace


Work is not as gruesome as we make it to be. In fact, like other stuff in our lives, we have the choice to work happily or sadly. A few tweaks here and there can make a huge difference in our work place. These days workplace wellness is quite a hot topic amongst office goers. Workplace wellness does not involve any heavy-duty concepts but a few age-old concepts that have been slightly tweaked for the modern day man.

Here are a few tips that will help you to increase your performance and decrease fatigue at work:

Breakfast like a king: This is a granny's saying which says "breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper". You need to remember that breakfast is the first meal of the day and it needs to be a good one. Your breakfast should be rich in carbohydrates and proteins to perk up your metabolism. Most people prefer cereal and milk with fruits. Suits fine as long as you have your regular vitamins and minerals. Breakfast also reduces work related fatigue and weight gain.

Caffeine: Most of us have uncountable cups of coffee at work. The coffee machine is nearby, there is stress at work and you need something to give you a zing. So what could be more convenient than coffee? However, you need to remember that coffee may give you an initial boost for a couple of hours but like all stimulants those hours are followed by lethargy and drowsiness. So too much of coffee really does not make you fresh and instead leaves you tired in the long run. Try limiting your coffee to two cups a day and not more.

The desk jobs have limited the exercises and caused a lot of backache. Most of it is due to poor posture. So next time you catch your self slouching, correct your posture and keep your spine upright and use a chair with a cushion for your back. While standing, remember to balance your weight on both feet and keep the knees bent slightly. Remember to exercise daily.

Working for long hours can be tiring. So, you need to utilize your breaks to the maximum. Try some gentle stretching. You can also put your feet up and relax your calves and feet.

It's not important to have three heavy meals. In fact the ideal thing is to have six to seven small meals that keep your energy high and lethargy at bay. Have a small snack in the interim and see your energy levels rise up.

Finally sleep well and peacefully. Avoid watching violent movies or reading disturbing literature before sleeping!

Remember, you need to enjoy everything you do if you want to lead a good life. Try these little tips and watch work become fun!

Source by Michelle Tason