Halloween Survival


Halloween means tons of candy. And you can go to parties and scary movies and all the other festivities that make Halloween great! Don’t forget the food and candy at all the parties; and all the leftovers.

But if you don’t want to pack on the pounds, you need to be smart. There are many people out there who absolutely love chocolate and believe they can never have it again if they want to keep the pound off. They will sneak pieces in and then beat themselves up all day.

Here’s great news: Dark chocolate can be healthy and delicious. It can help you lower your risk of heart disease. And it has natural stimulates that keep you from eating too much. It’s healthier for you, lower in sugar and the nutrients in it help stimulate the satiety hormones. Only choose dark chocolate this year. Being a picky eater will save you pounds open you to a whole new range of flavors. Plus, dark chocolate covered fruit is a healthy addition the people will love!

There are a couple other things you can do that will save the holiday pounds. They are fast, easy and enjoyable! Here are my tips that really work to keep the weight off (unlike the eating before the party that never works):

Tip 1: When you eat candy, savor the flavors. Let it melt on your tongue. Avoid biting a large piece, chewing it quickly and swallowing whole (like kids do). Make each piece of candy an experience.

Tip 2: – Take a walk. Walking is one of the healthiest forms of exercise. It can lower your weight, disease risk and increase your energy. At this time of year, you can also enjoy the fall foliage!

Tip 3: Healthy Grossness: Place large grapes in yogurt for eyeball soup; Cut large strips from spaghetti squash for intestine; or edible gore from mashed sweet potatoes (add some cranberry juice for color)

Tip 4: Going to A Halloween Party? Drink lots of water. Then enjoy the cocktail. Alcohol dehydrates and causes sugar cravings. Keep hydrated to avoid putting on the pounds.

Tip 5: – Make your kids sing for their candy, literally! Whether out trick or treating or asking you for some later on, make your kids work for their treat. It will instill responsibility and maybe they will work off some of the extra pounds caused by the candy.

And don’t forget, ration your kid’s candy this year. Your child’s teachers will thank you.

Source by Christina Major