Golf – Health and Fitness


Golf players traditionally do not place a great deal of importance on their fitness levels, but it does have an effect on their performance. Playing a golf game when you are fit will help bring down your score, and playing golf will help you get healthier and stay fit. But staying out of harms way and healthy during a round of golf is as important. Here's a few ways to stay healthy on the golf course during your round of golf.

· Warm up appropriately. Start slowly with some stretching exercises to include legs arms back and neck. Make some half-speed swings before going all out for that full-speed swing.

· Remember to protect yourself and your skin from the sun. Put on a strong sun block and a cap or hat. This will keep the sun off your face. A good quality lip balm with a sun block will protect your lips.

· Dont drink too much alcohol. Many golfers use their round as an excuse to drink a lot of beer. Alcohol dehydrates the body and disorients. Both of these symptoms are bad while playing your round – and especially after the round.

· Make sure you drink plenty of fluids such as water. Take advantage of the water stations out on the course. If you do buy a drink out on the course, make it a sports replacement drink that offer a number of nutrients and replace electrolytes and vitamins.

· Know where you are on the golf course. Swinging golf clubs and flying golf balls can do a lot of personal damage should you inadvertently hit or struck by one. Pay attention and be aware of who is around you and be careful out there.

· Golf-related ailments do not fix themselves. Most pros will offer you some advise and can help with physical fitness tips – or can offer to put you in contact with a specialist who is trained to treat golf-related injuries.

Advise and Tips:

· Wear a hat, cap or visor and ensure you cover any exposed skin with good quality strong sun block.

· Wear comfortable clothing and good fitting golf shoes. Shoes that do not fit properly will cause foot, leg and back pain and other long term problems.

Equipment Needed:

· Golf hat

· Golf sunglasses

· Sun block

· Lip balm

· Sports drinks

A round of golf is a great way to relax, and you will enjoy it even more if you are fit and healthy. Use some or all of this information to help improve your fitness and your golf game.

Source by Cathy Caughie