Five Effective Tips on Toning Muscles That Work


All over the net and the media, there are a lot of fast track tips on toning muscles in 30 days or less. The cold truth of the matter: there are no instant toning tips for your muscles. It’s a fact that strength toning is more that merely purchasing an expensive exercise contraption. The best tips on toning muscles will help you reconstruct your entire lifestyle towards that great and healthy body.

Begin with your posture

It is possible to tone your muscles effectively even while you’re in the office. When you’re sitting down on your desk, avoid slouching. A great way to work your abdominal muscles is simply by keeping your back straight, your chest and shoulders out, and your tummy in. It makes you look more confident and refined at your workplace, and believe it or not, you’re already burn calories this way. You’re also doing your spine a favor by applying less pressure on it. Backaches, neck strain, and a bulging tummy are usually the end results of bad posture.

Keep your diet high in protein

By cutting down on sweets and fats and taking care to eat only good quality, lean protein sources, you’re helping your body build muscle mass more effectively. You need to cut down on fat when you’re trying to tone your muscles because fat and muscles are two different entities. Just because you’re building muscles doesn’t automatically mean you’re burning fat and lose weight as well. If you keep your diet high in fat and cholesterol, you’re covering up your hard earned muscles. This will only make you look bulkier, not fit.

When you’re working out, always focus on form

One big mistake that most beginners make when they’re performing weight training is that they focus too much on the repetitions. When you’re lifting weights, you need to focus on form to avoid any injuries, and to make sure that your efforts don’t go to waste. This is especially true for stomach crunches. Most beginners hurry though the routine, forgetting that they could seriously injure their necks and spines that way. Half-crunches also do very little to develop your abs. If you’re serious about developing that perfect shoulder, or that six-pack, you need to make sure that you’re going about the task slowly but surely. 20 well-formed repetitions is better than 200 half-done ones.

Don’t forget to warm up and cool down

Cardiovascular exercises before and after lifting weights are absolutely very important. They help your body adjust to the intensity of the activity. Without your warm up and cool down routines, your body is constantly at the risk of injuries. Have you ever experienced extreme pain in your muscles and joints a few hours after a work out? This is probably because you’ve over-trained and/or you’ve forgotten to do your stretches.

Get enough rest in between workouts

You should never lift weights on two consecutive days in a week. Two to four days in a week is fine, depending on your body’s threshold. Studies show that too much weigh lifting actually destroys muscle mass. You should give your body enough time to recover after each high intensity workout. Realistic tips on toning muscles don’t focus on speed, it focuses on fitness and good health, first of all.

Source by Diane Winter