Fitness and Health – 3 Tips For the Aging Individual


As our bodies grow older, so too rises the importance of maintaining or improving our health and fitness levels. In order for us to lessen our chances of contracting any unpleasant ailments (the likelihood of which obviously increases alongside our age), and indeed to increase our chances and speed of a full recovery if we are so unfortunate to be subjected to any such problems – it is important that we are in as fit and healthy a state as possible.

There are some very basic but nevertheless important tips that we should all bear in mind, that are even more important to us the older we get. Here are a few to consider.

Get sufficient sleep

Sleep and rest are important to every human (and indeed all other living organisms) regardless of age. As we grow older and our overall energy levels begin to drop however, so too drops our bodies ability to heal as effectively as it used to. What this translates into is the increased need of longer periods of sleep, or indeed more frequent naps.

The tendency for many aging individuals is to push themselves harder as a way of revolting against their naturally increasing need of more rest. Unfortunately, whilst exercise is good and one cannot be knocked for ones determination and morale in such a case, this can often have a detrimental effect on ones health in the longer term. Provide your body with the time and environment it needs in order to replenish and heal itself (between plenty of exercise, of course), and the chances that you will be rewarded with better health will be much improved.

Eat better than ever

You probably thought that the days of hearing the words “eat your greens” were gone with your childhood, but that is absolutely not the case. Just as we need to be sure we eat well when we are young so that we are provided with ample nutrients necessary for our bodies growth, we need to be doubly sure we are eating well when we are aging, but for different reasons.

As we get older our metabolisms slow down and so our bodies aren’t as quick or effective at breaking our food down into pure energy, or indeed at processing food at all. Indeed, unhealthy fatty foods such as takeaways and foods which in general lack sufficient nutritional value can have a much increased detrimental effect on us. Those who are older are more at risk of experiencing the ill-side effects of having an unhealthy diet than those who are young, and have less of a chance of reversing any problems once they occur. That makes it vastly important that we adopt a more strict and healthy diet as we get older.

Exercise more

Another tip no less significant to any of us regardless of age, but certainly more vital to remember the older we get (since we have a tendency to do less of it), is exercise. Our bodies will naturally deteriorate during periods of inactivity but the increased risk of physical problems across the board which age will inevitably bring about are encouraged yet more (and the rate of deterioration happens much faster) if we become lazy and idle. Remember the old saying of “use it or lose it”, for that is a piece of advice that can serve us all so well, the more we age.

Source by Doug Marecroft