Exercises and Workouts – Three Workout Strategies To Help You Burn Fat Faster


Looking for a way to jumpstart your workout program? Want to ensure you are burning fat as quickly as possible and seeing the results you are aiming for? The great news is we have a few unique workout strategies that will not only kick boredom to the curb but also help you “up your results.”

These strategies all take the intensity of the workout up a notch or two so should be done just a couple of times each week to ensure you are fully recovering between each workout session.

Here are three techniques to try out…

1. Reps For Time. The first technique is called “reps for time.” With this method, rather than setting a goal such as performing 8 reps, 10 reps, or 12 reps, you set a time frame in which you want to complete as many reps as possible. Usually, this will be 30 to 60 seconds depending on your fitness level.

As you do this, if you grow tired at any point, take a short break and then start up once again. Once the time limit is up, you will then either rest or move into the next exercise depending on what your protocol calls for.

2. Rounds For Time. The next way to help you burn fat faster is to do “rounds for time.” Rounds for time is similar to reps for time only now you are designating a particular rep range – say 10 reps, and then stacking exercises one after the other. In this manner, you will try to move through the series of exercises as quickly as possible in the designated timeframe.

For instance, you might have the exercises of…

  • push-ups,
  • pull-ups,
  • bodyweight squats, and
  • bicycle crunches.

in your workout.

You will aim to perform 10 reps of each exercise, doing as many rounds of the series as possible. Next workout, try to beat the number of rounds you previously did.

3. Max Count Reps. Last but not least, you have “max count reps.” For this one, you only set a high total rep count for the entire workout session. For instance, you might do a 100 rep squat workout. So your mission is simple…

  • do 100 reps of squats to complete the exercise.

Doing 100 repeats of squats may sound simple, but you will very likely find it isn’t. Once you are in there doing your squats, getting to those 100 reps will be very challenging. Of course, you will want to adjust your weight accordingly. You won’t be using a max weight here, but rather one you can comfortably do for 10 to 15 reps. Stop as needed but get those 100 reps done before you leave the gym.

Give these workout techniques a try next time you are looking for a way to give your fitness level a boost and try something you have never done before.

Source by Beverleigh H Piepers