Exercises and Workouts – How To Successfully Ease Into Strength Training


If you have been doing your research on what works and what doesn’t work in the fitness industry, there is a good chance you’ve heard about one of the absolute best forms of exercise. The best form of exercise is following a strength training program. Few varieties of exercise will offer the benefits of strength training, so if you aren’t currently doing it, you’re missing out.

This said strength training is also one of the most intimidating exercises for many people. Not to despair, let’s go over a few of the main steps to help you ease into it successfully…

1. Start Moving. First, if you’re brand new to fitness, in general, start moving. Before you begin any strength and conditioning work, it’s important you do have a relatively good fitness base behind you.

A good fitness level means you can easily move for at least 30 minutes or more per day without any struggle.

Get out, go for walks, ride your bike, do anything that keeps you moving for this period.

2. Do Bodyweight Moves. Next, the second step to take is to start performing some bodyweight exercises. Bodyweight exercises refer to…

  • squats,
  • lunges,
  • push-ups or kneeling push-ups if you need to, along with
  • crunches, and other abdominal moves.

These will help your body get used to acting against resistance, preparing you for when you add external weight.

Do these exercises three times per week for 2 to 3 weeks before you consider moving forward.

3. Add Resistance Bands. From there, it’s time to add resistance bands. Using these will get you starting to see some progress, and the best news is you can use then right in the comfort of your living room.


  • curls,
  • shoulder presses,
  • chest presses,
  • bent over rows,
  • lateral raises,
  • leg raises, and so forth.

Do this for at least 2 to 3 more weeks and make sure it does feel challenging for yourself.

4. Use Lightweights. Now, from there you are ready to graduate to dumbbell free weights. Pick up a light pair to start – just 5 pounds. Then work on perfecting your form. Remember, having good form is imperative to success down the road.

Don’t build bad habits now because your will find they will be very hard to break.

Work on perfecting your form and once you’ve got it, then you can start adding more weight to lift and further challenge your muscles.

So there you have the progression steps from beginner to weightlifter. If you follow these steps, you will find it’s not nearly as intimidating as you thought, and you will see dramatic improvements in your fitness level.

Source by Beverleigh H Piepers