Endomorph Diet Tips Revealed – Build a Body You Can Be Proud Of


There is a misconception that endomorphs cannot lose body fat. It is because most do not eat correctly for their specific body type. This article will share some powerful endomorph diet tips.

If you are an endomorph and you try to eat like an ectomorph (naturally thin) you will be bitterly disappointed. Their metabolism and body type are totally different. You need to make a few adjustments.

It is All About Synergy

The first thing you should realize is that although it is possible to lose fat as an endomorph it will be more difficult. Therefore you must be more compliant when it comes to your diet.

The more little things you do right on a repetitive basis the better your results will be. Examples are eating higher protein foods, drinking more water and not missing any meals.

Pay Attention to Carbohydrates

Out of all the macronutrients it is carbohydrates that need the most attention. Consuming carbs like a naturally thin person or a muscular person is a recipe for disaster.

You need to eat slower burning carbs and you also need to limit them. You do not need to cut them out completely. That is a short term solution and bears the mark of a crash diet.

Rev Up Your Metabolism

You also need to do everything you can to speed up your metabolism. An endomorph metabolism is often sluggish and needs careful attention.

That is why you should always eat smaller meals more often. This will keep your metabolism running in high gear. Larger meals are counterproductive to your goal.

Ignore Processed Foods

A good way to determine whether a food is good or not is how much packaging it has. Too much processed food can greatly hinder your progress.

One is example are foods that claim to be “low fat.” The fat might be lower but they often make up for it with carbs in the form of simple sugars!

Limit Your Cheat Meals

Cheating on your diet is okay but only if it is predetermined. Eating junk food on a whim can often lead you on a downward spiral.

One cheat meal per week is optimal and will help to eliminate cravings. An entire cheat day should be avoided because it will set back your progress too much.

Eat Healthy Fats

Believe it or not there are certain fats that are beneficial to fat loss. Avoiding all fats because you think they are all bad is a mistake.

Yes there are bad fats such as saturated and trans fats but there are also good ones too. You will find them in foods such as eggs and salmon.

Keeping these endomorph diet tips in mind will help you to build a body you can be proud of. All it takes is a little determination along with the right information.

Source by Randy McLean