Effective Ways to Stop Gum Disease


Gum disease is vicious so, if you have not already, make sure you pay close attention to your gums. You want to make sure your normally pink or coral pink colored gums have not turned red and swollen. You want to make sure your gums are not bleeding or that your gum line is receding. Many times, a person may find that their gum line has receded and they did not even notice. That process can be relatively painless, but at least it is not to late to stop gum disease before it turns into something much worse.

The progression

As mentioned above, gum disease can lead to bleeding of the gums. This is usually accompanied by swelling and eventual receding of the gum line. At some point, it can turn into Periodontitis and start eating away at the bones that support the teeth. This leads to tooth loss that starts with abscesses and horrible tooth decay. This happens very quickly, so it is important to stop gum disease before it gets to that point or it can cost you a lot of money at the dentist to fix the problem.

At the dentist, you can expect to have teeth pulled, receive treatment for the gum disease, and possibly have to have your remaining teeth repaired. This can involve partials or an entire set of false teeth if the tooth loss has become severe.

Putting a stop to gum disease

So now that you've probably already ran to the mirror to check your gums, it is important that you know how to stop gum disease. First, you want to make sure you brush at least twice each day. Of course, you're going to floss before that so that you can remove food particles from between your teeth and brush them away. After you brush, you then want to brush with an oral balm that is going to kill the bacteria that causes gum disease. Killing the bacteria means that there is nothing to cause or worsen gum disease. If you already have gum disease, that gives the gums a chance to heal. They can not heal while overrun with bacteria. Unfortunately, brushing alone will not get rid of it, so you have to have a full routine both morning and night to make sure you put a stop to gum disease before it can cause you even more problems.

The idea is to stop gum disease before it can cause you pain or cause your gums to recede. Killing the bacteria is the best way. As stated before, an oral balm can do this and an oral balm such as Nature's Smile is a great one to use to do just that. You do not want the bacterium to be able to thrive at all, so keeping your mouth clean is how that is going to happen. What you'll see is that your gums will go back to their normal color and any sensitivity you may have had will go away. Basically, your mouth will return to normal. After that, continue the same oral hygiene routine and you'll never have to deal with gum disease ever again.

Source by Ginger Gillenwater