Don’t Let Receding Gums Get You Down!


Perhaps you have noticed that your gums seem to have…moved slightly. Your teeth may seem larger, or instead, longer, and they may have shifted slightly. Or, you may have gone to the dentist and had someone tell you that your gums don’t look as healthy as they could. Either way, it can be easy to be disappointed, worried or even scared when you find out that receding gums are a part of your life. After all, most people do not want to hear that there is anything wrong with their teeth or gums. We all have had the primal fear of the dentist at one point or another, right?

Well, there is good news, and that is that you should not let receding gums get you down! The reality is that while receding gums can lead to some problems that you probably aren’t interested in having at all, such as a risk of cavities down by the gum line, a lot of the problems triggered by receding gums are more like small inconveniences.

For instance, you probably have already noticed that your teeth are a little more sensitive to hot and cold food, desserts or drinks. This may be similar to what you have already experienced if you have had cavities in the past. In fact, you may also notice an increased sensitivity to sweet things, or spicy foods. Why is this? Well, to put it simply, when your gums recede, they move down (or up, in the case of your top teeth), and expose more of your teeth, including the roots, in some cases. This causes the increased sensitivity.

Other problems, such as the change in appearance of your teeth, are often very subtle and will probably go unnoticed. Still, it goes without saying that you probably want to treat your receding gums in order to stop further recession and correct the changes that have already occurred. So, here are some methods by which you can do just that.

First of all, your dentist or specialist may want you to undergo some kind of treatment to take care of problems such as plaque buildup, which as we all know is definitely not healthy for your gums. If more serious measures are required, you can use surgery to rebuild the damaged area, and it is not a major procedure either! While it may seem a bit scary, it is actually quite simple for a skilled professional to reposition your gums to where they should be, or use grafted tissue to cover the exposed parts of your teeth the way that your gums used to. These procedures are simple outpatient deals that are nothing to be scared of, and will be a great solution for you.

As you can see, there is no reason to be freaked out by the revelation that you have receding gums. Many people have had the same problem, and ended up no worse for the wear from it. You too can come out just fine, if you take the right steps and consult with a professional.

Source by Adam Gaines