Diet and Fitness Tips


Here are some diet and fitness tips that will help you to lose weight pretty fast. I'm not going to give you the "usual" boring tips that pretty much everyone already knows about. I will not insult you like that. So if you have 2 minutes to read this article, then you should find something in it that may ring a bell and help you lose weight quicker and easier.

Diet and Fitness Tips

1. To kick the soda habit, use Stevia waters

Ok, first off … Stevia is a NATURAL sugar substitute. It's not an unnatural man-made sugar substitute such as aspartame (which is bad for you). I'll tell you exactly how I was able to stop drinking Mountain Dews and lemonades within 3 days.

What I did was put 2 packets of Stevia in my 15-20 ounces of water. That sweetened it right up. After 3 days of this, I did not even miss drinking Mountain Dew anymore. Thousands of extra calories simple eliminated! Oh, and do not go for diet sodas because they contain aspartame.

2. The simple act of walking up and down some stairs for 10 minutes non-stop

This is just about the simplest way to help your body lose fat through exercise. Most people have stairs in their home or the building that they live in. So walk up and down them. But THE KEY is to do this for 10 minutes NON-STOP. I do not care how often you walk up and down stairs as of right now. You need to make it a workout by doing it non-stop.

Without giving you information overload, I want you to try out these 2 diet and fitness tips for 10 days … tell me they do not help you to lose weight, I dare ya!

Source by Jennifer Jolan