Dark Gums? Get Gum Depigmentation Treatment


Your smile may be the very first thing people indeed notice about you when they first meet you. The foundation of a white and bright smile starts with the appearance of healthy, pink gums. Do you have a beautiful smile with dazzling white teeth but gum pigmentation, also known as black gums, is ruining your smile? Don’t worry. There is a painless cosmetic surgical procedure that makes the dark colored gum looking natural pink again.

Depigmentation of gums is a surgical procedure in which the dark pigmented areas are removed to expose the naturally pink gingival (gum) tissue underneath.

What is Gum Pigmentation?

The gingival pigmentation or gum discoloration is a common cosmetic problem that may be present in black spots or patches on the gums, making your smile not pleasing.

The extra pigmentation (or color) in the gums comes from excessive deposits of melanin in the gum tissue. Dark colored gums no way indicate that they are unhealthy or diseased.

The degree of gum discoloration and the intensity may vary from person to person and amount of sunlight exposure.

Dark complexioned people often have dark gums. Due to the fact that the production of melanin increases significantly in the presence of sunlight, individuals who are involved in outdoor activity and at the same time have gummy smile tend to have darker gums.

Gum Depigmentation

Blackness of the dark gums is treatable. Treatments include gum depigmentation in which the pigmented layers are surgically removed; new tissue transplantation; and use of laser technique to bleach the pigmented areas.

The most common treatment for the discoloration of gums is using gum pigmentation. While treating the dark gums using a periodontal plastic surgical procedure, a cosmetic dentist removes the outer dark colored layer of gum epithelium to expose the pink aesthetic looking gums. This procedure is carried out under local anesthesia and the patient can see desired results within one to two days.

A drawback of this treatment is that in 20 to 30% cases pigmentation returns 5 to 6 months after this procedure. This surgical procedure can be repeated if those ugly marks on the gums appear again. For permanent aesthetic results, one must take precautions like not exposing oneself for long hours to sunlight, keeping good dental hygiene and saying no to smoking.

Laser Depigmentation of Gums

Dental laser is one of the most innovative technologies in the field of cosmetic dentistry today. Many cosmetic dental surgeons now use laser technology to treat discoloration of gums. Laser depigmentation, commonly called as laser gum bleaching, is the latest minimally invasive, safe and painless technique to remove the melanin pigmentation from your gums and ensure pink gums.

The beams emitted from the laser target and amputate the melanin-producing cells called melanocytes. By amputating these cells, the laser technique reduces the possibility of melanin production in the gingival tissue, thus the discoloration of the gums.

The procedure is performed under a topical anesthetic and can be completed in a single office visit, allowing you to virtually walk out the door with beautiful pink gums the same day you undergo the treatment. Your short length, laser gum pigmentation removal treatment can last up to 20 years

Another benefit of using laser technology for removing the dark spots and ugly looking patches on the gum areas is that healing process is very rapid and virtually painless. Additionally, it minimizes the possibility of bleeding and tissue damage, therefore providing for a comfortable and faster recovery.

However, healing of the treated tissues varies on an individual patient basis, depending on the extent, depth and type of pigmentation and location of gum discoloration. Also, some patients may report having itchy gums for a short time during the healing period.

Source by Neelam Goswami