Choosing a Coach – What to Look For in a Fitness Trainer


A personal trainer can help you avoid common mistakes; learn the ropes and your way around the gym and to keep your motivation up. And most important, to give you direction and to train for a purpose, not just a work out.

You want to be consistent with your new lifestyle decision. You’re about to make new lifestyle modifications.

Before I tell you what to look for, ask yourself a few questions first such as “What’s your concept of top-notch fitness and health?” “How much time are you giving yourself to reaching these goals?”, “What have you done in the last 12-months to getting your goals?”, “What services do you expect from your fitness professional to provide?”

What should you look for in a personal trainer?

No Attitude Here. You should look for a trainer with a fantastic, positive, outgoing attitude. The trainer shouldn’t bog you down with their personal problems in life. If fact, the trainer is your bridge to bring out the positivism in your life, not dwell on it. Yes, we are a hybrid of a body and life coach. When you go to a motivational seminar, you won’t hear the speaker talk negative throughout your time (other then building a story to the solution to the challenge). You’ll be around positive energy and attitude. The personal trainer should be focused on you and your end results of what you want to look feel and be like.

Got 5? Make sure you get a least 5 references from past clients or employers.

Get Quality. Make sure your trainer is certified a well, science-based, education organization that applies fitness technologies that is integrated to be practiced in real-life situations. Get measurements and common fitness testing to get a base line.

Get Professional ID. Make sure your trainer has professional liability insurance. Not that you’ll use it but make sure your trainer has some liability insurance.

Source by Adriel Yapana