Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth are a common problem we encounter. It’s really a commonplace issue that can be easily resolved with the use of varying products and procedures. Teeth become sensitive due to receding gums or eroded tooth enamel that exposes sensitive areas. Our group can be of assistance.

Damaged tooth enamel or receding gums are the two main culprits in tooth sensitivity. Tooth enamel is the hardest material found in your body. Once it develops cracks or erodes, it is unable to sufficiently safeguard the interior, sensitive tooth material. When the roots of the teeth are exposed by a recession of the tight gum line seal, this leads to sensitivity.

Natural Treatment For Gum Recession


Pain results from extreme temperatures penetrating to the tooth’s dentin layer, caused by enamel that has eroded or receding gums. Dentin is not as tough as enamel, composed of pores and tiny “tubes” connecting to the tooth’s softer interior. You will instantly be aware of this when extreme temps reach the dentin layer since the nerves within will react with sharp pains. Eating ice cream and breathing in cold air exacerbates this sensation for people with sensitive teeth.

You can fix gum recession by treating the root cause. One solution is to learn to use a gentler technique when brushing; otherwise, you should have a deep teeth cleaning to eliminate the calculus accumulation that is irritating your gums. Contact a NJ dentist to find out what is causing the problem.

When the dentist conducts an examination, you can find out if you have weakened enamel. Special toothpastes can provide relief through the action of teeth desensitization or by filling in dentin tubules responsible for exposing the soft tooth center.

Regardless, there is no need to put up with sensitive teeth. One simple appointment may be all it takes to provide relief.

Teeth are living, delicate, and sensitive organs communicating with your brain. Sometimes temporary pain is felt when eating and drinking hot or cold food. The cold or heat sensitivity may be a loose filling or a receding gum exposing a tooth root making it painful to eat or drink.

Source by John Halas