7 Tips To Help You Get Fit When You Are Over Forty


Here are 7 easy fitness tips to help you get fit when you are over forty years old. If you
are over forty years of age, try these 7 tips. See if they add to your
overall fitness level. Be sure to check with your doctor or any other
healthcare provider before trying these tips or any suggested exercise

When you turn forty your body is not like it was in your twenties and thirties. Things that used to come
easily are now more of a struggle. You may not be as flexible as you used to be. It is more difficult
to lift. You have to watch your back.
It is important to do all you can to counteract the effects of aging. You
want to enjoy a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. The truth is that most
people can easily adjust their lifestyle and enjoy the next few decades
just like they did the previous ones.

Be sure to include strength training in your exercise program. That is
the first tip I suggest to help you get fit if you are over forty. Your body will begin
losing muscle mass in your twenties unless you do something to
counteract this slow attrition.

Strength training is the way to counteract the slow loss of muscle mass
that would otherwise occur. You do not have to lift heavy weights like a
bodybuilder. Just a few exercises with light weights or resistance bands
will work well.
You tend to become less flexible as you age. Maybe you used to be able
to touch your toes. Now you only get to your shins. The good news is
that you can regain that flexibility. With a good stretching or yoga
program you can be more flexible than ever.
Make sure you stay properly hydrated. Try to start your day with a glass
of pure water and have several glasses of water during the day. Avoid soft
drinks, caffeine, and alcohol. They will dehydrate you.
They say you are what you eat. Be sure to fill your mouth with foods full
of nutrition. I try to stay away from highly processed foods. I feel better
when doing so. Eat a balanced diet and get plenty of fruits and

Here is a really easy way to stay fit when you are over forty. Get enough rest.
Getting proper rest can be difficult with the increasingly hectic lives many of us
You are leading.
Here is a tip that might help. Try to spend at least a few minutes before
bedtime away from all of the stresses of your day. If you can relax and
stare at the stars, you will be in a better state to drop off to sleep when
your head hits the pillow.

Take care of your heart. Get plenty of aerobic exercise. Walking has
been described as the perfect exercise. You can walk aerobically if you
get your heart rate up and maintain it for at least twenty minutes.
My seventh tip to help you get fit when you are over forty years old is to combine these tips along with others. Variety is important. It is also important to learn from many
of your peers that have had success. There are many paths to success
when you are trying to get fit.

We have touched on 7 tips to help you get fit. It is a different ballgame
for those of us that have reached our fortieth birthday. But just because
we are a little older that does not mean we can not get in shape.
Getting or staying in shape once you turn forty can be done. The rewards are great.

Keep in shape and you will look ten years younger. That is a nice

Source by Chip Westley