7 Great Tips to Increase Sex Stamina


If you are looking at methods to increase sex stamina, these tips can help you immensely. Try to incorporate them in your daily lifestyle.

  • It is undeniably true that you have to be physically fit if you have to perform better in bed. Sex, after all, is an aerobic activity because it makes you breathe faster. Hence, you need to have a good heart. Investing your time in aerobic exercises helps you increase sex stamina and remain fit for a longer period of time. People who go for daily walks are sexually active without any problems even when they are approaching their sixties and beyond.
  • Eat a healthy diet. The more of constipating and heat-inducing foods that you eat, the more sluggish you will become at sex. Eat more salads and even otherwise have a profusion of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. For men, it is also advisable to have a protein-rich diet since that can help in improving the quality of semen.
  • Drink a lot of water. At least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day are recommended. This helps in keeping the inner body cycles normal and that definitely helps you in having good sex.

Now, the remaining 4 tips are about how you can improve your sexual performance itself so that you increase your sex stamina as well.

  • When you are with your partner, try to go slow with the sexual act. If you penetrate too soon, you might not be able to keep up for long and that might be construed as a case of premature ejaculation. Instead, if you spend time in foreplay and make your partner and yourself highly aroused before the penetration, it could go a long way in improving your sexual performance.
  • Have meaningful conversations with your partner just before the sexual act. This helps in carrying out sex more satisfyingly, thus indirectly showing that you have better sex stamina.
  • Wear a condom. This helps in reducing the sexual arousal and you can carry on with the sexual act for a long time.
  • For men, the start and stop technique is highly advised. When you are just about to ejaculate, stop and remove the penis from the vagina. Then insert again. Do this several times. Your sexual act will go for long and you will find that you don’t lose your sexual stamina when you perform this technique.
Source by Marc Thompson