5 Ways to Make Health Class More Interesting!


Students walk into your Health Class and you know what they hear: “Wah wah wah,” just like in Charlie Brown. There is a chance to save your Health Class and possibly even your job. I have developed 5 ways to make your Health Class fun for everyone and students will enjoy attending your class.

1. Tell stories on a topic you wish the class to learn about. You can tell real life stories or make them up but show the students that you are a regular person just like them and have passion for your job. Make sure the story has some kind of twist or interesting where the students are surprised. “Wow Mr. Smith I didn’t think you would do something like that!” Comparing stories with the class will make them relate more to you and they will enjoy your company.

2. USE PROPS! Bring in puppets or dolls or anything you find necessary or appropriate for your classroom. Every grade level will enjoy doing skits especially when they get to use a prop. People will become more comfortable in your class and have fun. They will also show what they learned in class without listening to you lecture them on the topic and the information will stick in their head. The class will always remember those skits and talk about them years later.

3. Socratic Seminar. By using a Socratic Seminar your class will debate a topic while you take a backseat and allow them to run the discussion. Not only will the students learn and give their opinions but it will make your job easier. You may be surprised to see how great Socratic Seminars are and how much your students will enjoy them. IF YOU DON’T USE THEM, YOU ARE LETTING YOUR CLASS DOWN! Do not be afraid to try something new and go outside the box with Socratic Seminar.

4. Be funny, tell jokes. Start the class off with a joke you think your class will enjoy and get a crack out off. Obviously it must be something appropriate and if possible relate it to the topic for the day. For example, “What do you call 10 rabbits walking backwards?… A receding hare line,” let the class laugh about it and maybe even make fun of yourself about your hair. Then your can go on to say “Today we will be talking about the effects of age on the body.” Not only does it make the class laugh but it was good way to get their attention on the topic.

5. Current Events. Use current events to get your class started on a discussion. It will not be a homework assignment but you will give them a few minutes to write down or think about a question on a current topic. The topic must be appropriate but you will be surprised how much students will enjoy talking about their side of the story. Make sure the topic may not become very controversial and if you find out it is cut the discussion short.

Source by Gregory J Burns