5 Tips To Make Your Stress Go Away


Stress is a part of life. All people have to face it every day. Stress can make our life miserable dependent on how a person resolved it. If stress not managed properly it can lead to depression. In fact, there are certain cases it turns to violence or suicide. Here are some tips you can use to reduce your stress.

1.Make a smile as a routine.
Smile always. Normally we just smile when we feel good and happy. Actually, with a smile it can dispel the feeling of stress. Every time we set out on our smile, face muscles send impulses to the brain and send back signal that makes us calm. Try it out. Give your sweetest smile to yourself.

2.Give yourself a self-massage.
Give a massage to yourself. Loosen tight muscle is said can relieves stress. Among the massage you can do is to massage the palm of your hand with the thumb of another hand. Do it in the circle. If you have time, do the massage on the other part of the body. Believe me; You will feel the stress disappears after you finish the massage.

3.Do a positive silence self-talking.
Speak to yourself in silence every time you face stress. Positive words also said as a good antidote to stress. Study says most of the stress caused by critical voices from within. We should silence the critical voices by talking back using positive words.

4.Never be a victim, fight back.
Every time you face the stress, do not make yourself a victim. Act proactively, if your flight delayed, does not wait. Find another flight. You will be more stressful when you know you can not do anything about it. Do not let a problem make you a victim, fight back.

5.Write down your stress.
Write whatever stress you encounter on the paper. Divide it into two type of stress. Stress that you can change and you can not change. After that, try to change the stress that could be faced and do not force yourself to change the stress that you can not change.

With the world increasingly challenging today, stress came in various forms. Stress management is important for all people. All persons entitled to enjoy life with more comfortable and healthy. Do not let the stress stop that.

Source by Henry Mall