3 Tips on How to Reduce Bee Pollen Side Effects


You’ve probably have been doing your research on bee pollen, and know that it’s a healthy nutritional supplement that can increase your energy, strengthen the immune system, and improve your health.

But there are some unpleasant side effect of bee pollen, that can be reduced or eliminated if you know some of the following tips.

Tip #1: Only Buy High Quality Pollen From Pollution Free Areas

Most of the unpleasant bee pollen side effects, such as, feeling bloated or diarrhea, can be eliminated if you buy pure natural pollen. You need to be sure that the pollen product that you are buying is sourced from pristine and unpolluted environments.

Many pollen supplements do not label where the pollen is sourced, and it is up to you to find out from the company.

Most companies in the USA source their pollen from China. This is not the best because, the pollen from china is contaminated from the toxic air pollution.

It is a known fact that China is a rapidly developing country, as such, many of its industries are booming, at the expense of the environment. Not only that, some Chinese companies, mix old pollen with fresh new ones, so you may get some benefits of the supplement, but why do that when you can have a pure pollen supplement from other places in the world.

Tip #2: Try Pollen Granules Instead of Capsules

Bee pollen granules are the freshest form of pollen, because it is directed harvested from the hives and placed in jar. There are some advantages and disadvantages of this. The advantages is that it is very fresh (and if sourced from a pollution free place, ie. Australia or New Zealand), can be consumed immediately.

The disadvantage or bee pollen side effect is that it goes bad quickly, and must be refrigerated, it also taste like dirt. Pollen granules can also give your stomach aches, because the granules expand in your stomach.

One way to avoid these side effects is to use pollen capsules. Capsules are a convenient way to get the health benefits of bee pollen without the side effects. High quality pollen capsules contain all the granules, crushed down into small sand like texture, and is airtight sealed into capsules.

These capsules are the same ones used in antibiotics. The shell of the capsule does not dissolve in the throat, and only dissolves once it reaches the stomach, where optimal absorption of the minerals takes place.

Tip #3: Eliminate Allergies to Pollen By Taking Small Doses

There have been several studies that show pollen has reduce or eliminated people’s allergies. In order for you to not have a severe allergic reaction, make sure you take less than the recommended dosage of pollen at first.

For example, if the manufacturer suggests 3 capsules daily, and you’ve never taken any supplements before, (especially a potent one like pollen), you should take half a capsule in the first day. The second day, you can try ¾ of a capsule. This will ensure that your body has time to adapt to the rush of vitamins and minerals.

Overall, these tips will make bee pollen side effects minimal. It’s important to know that as an informed customer, you will make better choices when it comes to pollen supplements, heck, any other supplements on the market.

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